face mask detection and recognition using opencv tensor flow and machine learning


Published in International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science Engineering and Information Technology

ISSN: 2321-3337          Impact Factor:1.521         Volume:6         Issue:3         Year: 20 April,2021         Pages:1608-1613

International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science Engineering and Information Technology


The corona virus COVID-19 pandemic is causing a global health crisis so the effective protection methods is wearing a face mask in public areas according to the World Health Organization (WHO). The COVID-19 pandemic forced governments across the world to impose lockdowns to prevent virus transmissions. Reports indicate that wearing facemasks while at work clearly reduces the risk of transmission. An efficient and economic approach of using AI to create a safe environment in a manufacturing setup. A hybrid model using deep and classical machine learning for face mask detection will be presented. We will use the dataset to build a COVID-19 face mask detector with computer vision using Python, OpenCV, and Tensor Flow and Keras. Our goal is to identify whether the person on image/video stream is wearing a face mask or not with the help of computer vision and deep learning.


Open CV, Machine Learning


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